We support safe fish handling techniques when practicing catch and release angling.  Further information can be found here (provided by the Swan Valley Sports Fishing Enhancement group.)

Bruce Cameron

While Covid restrictions certainly limited the MFFAʼs activities for a few months, thankfully things managed to lighten up this spring just in time for our planned Whiteshell River Conservation Outing on June 20th. Read all about it here.  

The MFFA presentation of the new Kingfisher Angler Access Trail signs to Whiteshell Provincial Park Senior Interpreter Adam Collicutt. 


Underwater Camera 

New Whiteshell River underwater camera system has been successfully installed.


Here's a sample of the underwater camera in action:

More Conservation News

Check out what the Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement group is doing in the Duck Mountain area.  It's all in their newsletter here.  Or check their Facebook page here.


Thanks to our 2020 corporate sponsors! 

MFFA is proud to acknowledge the following corporate sponsors for their support of our annual fundraising banquet and other activities:















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