The MFFA is first and foremost an association dedicated to providing its members with support and information on fly fishing, not only in Manitoba, but globally. The club regularly brings in guest speakers such as Brian Chan, Phil Rowley, and Bill Spicer to name a few. Club meetings are held weekly from January to May, and during Sept/Oct. The goal of the weekly meetings is more than just presenting updates to the members; they are focused on providing new and updated information on a wide array of topics, mostly related to fly fishing activities, but not exclusively.

The club also has occasional weekend tying presentations during the winter months, where members get together and learn some new tying tactics and/or patterns.

The MFFA also hosts 5 or 6 outings a year, pitting anglers against each other in friendly competition. We have a yearly fund raising banquet, fly fishing school, rod building workshop, family picnic, and many other activities. You may see a list of activities here.

If you are interested in an upcoming fly fishing school, or have any other questions, click on the Contact Us page, and provide us with your information, and we will respond as quickly as we can