Unless otherwise indicated, weekly meetings are held at Cabela's in Seasons of Tuxedo, 580 Sterling Lyon Parkway.  Meetings start at 6:30ish. 

Google map to Ecole Julie-Riel can be found by clicking here

Google map to McBeth House can be found by clicking here


TUE 3-Jan-17 Dr Brian Parker - MB Fisheries Cabelas
TUE 10-Jan-17 Salt water fly tying Cabelas
TUE 17-Jan-17 It works for me! Member's tips and tricks Cabelas
TUE 24-Jan-17 Ken Kansas - Flippr Management Plan Cabelas
SAT 28-Jan-17 Fly Tying Fort Whyte
TUE 7-Feb-17 Invasive Species Cabelas
FRI 10-Feb-17 Manitoba Outdoors Show Red River Exhibition Place
SAT 11-Feb-17 License-free fishing in Ontario  
TUE 14-Feb-17 Valentines day - no meeting  
TUE 21-Feb-17 Beginner's fly tying Ecole Julie-Riel
TUE 28-Feb-17 Manitoba Stocking Program Cabelas
TUE 7-Mar-17 Whiteshell River Rehabilitation Cabelas
TUE 14-Mar-17 Chironomids  Cabelas
TUE 21-Mar-17 Awards Night Fort Whyte Alive
SAT 25-Mar-17 Rod Building Cancelled
TUE 28-Mar-17 Bass fly fishing Cabelas
TUE 4-Apr-17 Realistic Fly Tying Cabelas
TUE 11-Apr-17 Nodeless bamboo rod making Cabelas
FRI 14-Apr-17 Good Friday  
TUE 18-Apr-17 Beginner's and Intermediate fly tying Ecole Julie-Riel
SAT 22-Apr-17 Banquet  Shooters on Main
SAT 22-Apr-17 Fly tying demo at Wood carving show Pembina Curling Club
TUE 25-Apr-17 Spring Primer Cabelas
FRI 28-Apr-17 Turtle Mountain Outing Boissevain
TUE 2-May-17 Technology Cabelas
SAT 6-May-17 Fly Fishing School Fort Whyte
SUN 14-May-17 Mother's day  
SAT 20-May-17 Casting Clinic Garson Sportfishing Park
MON 22-May-17 Victoria Day  
TUE 23-May-17 Lockport Outing Lockport
THR 25-May-17 Bug Chucker Cup Roblin MB
FRI 26-May-17 NOPIMING Bass outing Black Lake
SUN 28-May-17 Canadian National FF Competition Russell, Rossburn and Roblin
TUE 6-Jun-17 Lockport Outing Lockport
FRI 9-Jun-17 Footprint Outing Foot Print Lake
SAT 17-Jun-17 Whiteshell Outing Whiteshell River
SUN 18-Jun-17 Father's day  
THR 22-Jun-17 George Lake Outing George Lake
SAT 1-Jul-17 Canada Day Holiday  
SUN 2-Jul-17 License-free fishing in Ontario  
SUN 27-Aug-17 Club Family  Picnic  
MON 4-Sep-17 Labour Day Holiday  
TUE 5-Sep-17 Fall Primer Cabelas
TUE 12-Sep-17 Entomology Cabelas
FRI 16-Sep-17 Parklands East Outing Patterson
TUE 19-Sep-17 It works for me! Member's tips and tricks Cabelas
TUE 26-Sep-17 Equipment, materials and fly swap night Cabelas
FRI 29-Sep-17 Footprint Outing Foot Print Lake
TUE 3-Oct-17 Crazy Fly Tying Cabelas
SAT 7-Oct-17 Beginner's fly tying McBeth House
MON 9-Oct-17 Thanksgiving Holiday  
TUE 10-Oct-17 Stu Thompson Cabelas
TUE 17-Oct-17 Knot Strengths Cabelas
SAT 21-Oct-17 Fly Tying McBeth House
TUE 24-Oct-17 Members night Cabelas
TUE 7-Nov-17 Annual General Meeting Cabelas