The MFFA has developed a water safety document.  We encourage everyone to read through it prior to attending any club outings.  Find it here.

There is now a mayfly emergence chart compiled by Will Milne in the member's Articles tab.

We are pulling together a Wiki page on the water bodies we commonly fish.  Members are able to add lake information, photos, fishing reports, etc. for everyone to benefit from.  Check out the information on Footprint, Bower, Twin, and a couple others here.

Do you have suggestions to improve the Wellman cabin or updates on the cabin.   Members can now submit them here.

Forgotten where you saw that article in the Newsletter.  Our MFFA Newsletter now has an index going all the way back to 2016.  Find it here

We are fortunate to present a PDF document of flies that former club member Gerry Beck contributed to the seminal Canadian fly bible "Fly Patterns of Canada".  Author and compiler Paul Marriner provided the MFFA the PDF of Gerry's flies for us to enjoy.  Thank you very much Paul!  Click here to download the PDF

Members check out this great article by Scott Gardner from Outdoor Canada on life-changing leader information. Just click here.

Members can now view club fly tying demo videos here.





Thanks to our 2023 corporate sponsors! 

MFFA is proud to acknowledge the following corporate sponsors for their support of our annual fundraising banquet and other activities:

























You can now find us here on Facebook and Instagram




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