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If you're like me, by this time of year you're looking forward to wading a flowing river again in the hopes of convincing a trout to inhale one of your newest Winter creations!  Then mark Saturday June 15th (Postponed for now, check back for new dates) on you calendar when once again the MFFA will be working on our latest Whiteshell River Enhancement Project.  We hope to complete work on the Knigfisher Angler Access Trail along with assisting AAE Tech Services with their installation of the MFFA's New In-River Underwater Camera System (the "WOW" or "Window on the Whiteshell").  As always there will be fly fishing opportunities and a hatchery tour associated with this effort.  All interested volunteer members and guests are asked to register with Conservation Chair Bruce Cameron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with filling out the required volunteer agreement  and backcountry labourer waivers, and if a guest, the guest waiver found on the MFFA website and bring them with them.

New River Signs

Underwater Camera 

New Whiteshell River underwater camera system was successfully installed this week.


More Conservation News

Check out what the Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement group is doing in the Duck Mountain area.  It's all in their newsletter here.  And for more information on their 2019 projects, click here.




Thanks to our 2018 corporate sponsors! 

MFFA is proud to acknowledge the following corporate sponsors for their support of our annual fundraising banquet and other activities:









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