Red River-Lockport

  • Usually scheduled for Tuesday nights in May, 6:00 PM start but come any time.
  • Accommodations-Lots of fast food nearby.  Bathrooms in the park.
  • What to bring
    • Good waders and wading boots, a belt for your waders, consider a wading stick and inflatable life vest.
  • Directions
    • Head straight north on Henderson Hwy to Lockport.  We tend to fish in three areas
      • Turn left on 44, then right into the parking lot for the park just past the A&W.  You will find us just downstream of the spillway.
      • Drive straight across 44 and follow the dirt road down to the point where the floodway enters the river. We're usually fishing the south side of the floodway before it enters the river.
      • Turn right on 44 and take the loop to follow 204 north.  Just after the loop take a dirt road to the left which takes you toward the floodway to fish the north side of floodway before it enters the river.


  • Red River Fishing
    • Most anglers wade out and cast upstream into the deeper water
    • Fish for drum, carp, cats, white bass, gold eye, walleye, sauger, and pike
    • Rods-8 to 10 wt ideal
    • Lines-fast sink or floating with a fast sink tip. You want your flies deep, but not always hooking the bottom.  Plan to lose flies though.  Use at least a 1X (13-14 lb test) short leader, just need a 3-5 feet.
    • Keep your hooks sharp, the rocks will blunt the points.
    • Flies-wooly buggers, DDH leeches, clousers, any leech or minnow pattern.  Favourite colours-tan, purple, brown.  Flash helps.  



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