The process for using your credit card for MFFA payments may seem complicated and you may be nervous about using Paypal.  This message hopefully clarify the process and reassures you that you are not creating a Paypal account.  We use Paypal just to facilitate credit card payments.  MFFA has used this for many years without problems.


Step by Step process

Go to and select MFFA Annual Registration/Renewal

Fill our rate form including address if you want a membership card sent to you.  Note that if you try to go to the next step without filling in the form it will kick you back to the form to complete it — with prompts on what you left out.

Enter the code letters in the captcha area at the bottom and hit "Submit to MFFA" button.  Note that the computer may try to autocorrect your spelling — be sure to not accept it.  This step is sometimes frustrating but keep trying — eventually it will work.  Remember that if the form is not completely filled out it won’t move to the next step even if you get the code right.

To pay with credit card press the Paypal payment page.  Don’t worry — the credit card option comes later.

Select the payment options 

Select pay now — enter the code letters in the captcha area below and hit Pay Now button.

Add your credit card to Pay With — you will likely have to do a security screen.

Fill in the info and pay

Hopefully this helps.  If you are having problems please let me know.


Ron Enns – Membership director  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thanks to our 2023 corporate sponsors! 

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